Premium Coaxial Digital Audio/Video RCA Cable -- 50 FT

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Premium Coaxial Digital Audio/Video RCA Cable -- 50 FT

This is a CL2 Rated Cable - RG6/U 75ohm 18 Gauge (for S/PDIF, Digital Coax, Subwoofer & Composite Video).

Premium Coaxial Digital Audio/Video RCA Cable -- 50 FT


This cable is used to connect DVD players, Cable and Sattelite boxes to audio receivers, computer audio equipment, and any other equipment that supports Coax(S/Pdif) interface interconnect. This cable allows jitter-free transfer of digital audio signals. The low-loss cable design includes pure copper center conductor and shielding to preserve signal strength and minimize noise. Gold-plated, RCA connectors and pins give you solid, corrosion-free contact. This cable is also used to connect Subwoofers to A/V Receivers and DVD Players.

  • Connectors: single RCA Plug(male) to single RCA Plug(male)
  • 24k Gold Plated 8-cut RCA connectors ensure long-lasting, corrosion-free connections
  • Fully molded connecters provide excellent strain relief
  • High-quality coax wire with copper braid shield reduces unwanted noise and distortion
  • Easy installation with non slip rubber grip
  • Improves digital signal delivery as compared to standard RCA type audio cables
  • True digital signal maintained by high materials and connectors
  • 99.999% Pure Copper Non-OFC conductor
  • High-density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI
  • These RG6 18AWG (American Wire Gauge) wires are ideal for longer cable runs. RG6 premium cables also feature more robust RCA connectors and are certified for in-wall use. These cables are CL2 rated, which means that they have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories for in-wall use. It means that these cables have a slow burning outer jacket, which should meet most fire codes.